Cosplay, Conventions, and Competitions

For the past couple months, Cheri and I have been working on a non-writing secret project with a group we’re part of called Cosuteki (blog found here).

First, we decided we wanted to go to our first local sci-fi, videogame, and comics convention because we heard that Jayne (Adam Baldwin) and Simon (Sean Maher) from the TV series Firefly (no, we will never be over it and also, no, Serenity the movie did not happen) were going to be at there. A few of us are big fans of the show and the rest are big fans of videogames in general (and Cheri and I are very much into sci-fi as you already know).


With that decided, my friend thought of a great cosplay that she and some friends would be perfect for. When we asked those friends, they were wholly enthusiastic about it and we, through idle chat and jokes, decided we were going to form a cosplay group. We called ourselves: Cosuteki. Cosuteki is a Japanese pun that puts together ‘cosplay’ and ‘-teki’ which is a Japanese way of saying ‘like’. We are a group of five people that enjoy cosplaying. Cheri and the others like to wear the things, and I enjoy making things.

2015-07-22 banner

We ended up choosing an old video game that half of us have played (Final Fantasy 9) and went into full swing making costumes and props. As the only person in the group who knows how to sew, I was relegated to making all of the outfits. And let me tell you, character designers think nothing of the people who would love to cosplay their outfits.


In the end, though, we did make it in time for our group deadline, which brilliantly was planned (by me) for the week before convention so everything would be ready for the final date. That week before, we had one of our friends go to a location and photograph all of the costumes and characters as a sort of trial run before the convention which was also where we were planning on joining a cosplay competition.





Unfortunately, we didn’t win or place, but we were very excited with the whole experience and look forward to doing it again soon!

So that’s why we’ve been a bit distant lately, and we apologize, but we are ready for a full and awesome August! Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see in the comments below!

(P.S. Here’s an extra gif of Cheri running with her crazy costume!)



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