Update: Potato Resurrection

Hey, readers. Once again, Chebk and I apologize heartily for our recent absence. Some updates on our lives:

1. We are now both unemployed, myself for health-related reasons, and Chebk because her session with the House of Representatives ended for the year.

2. We are both working on our respective novels in the interim. Never has there been a sadder sight than two very small women staring wild-eyed at their computer screens, Owl City loudly playing in the background.

3. We are scaling back to two posts per week (Tuesdays for Cheri, Thursdays for Chebk) to focus on our writing.

4. We are temporarily taking a break from the YA genre. Our interest in these books has never been super passionate (the Divergent trilogy broke Cheri) aside from seeing how diversity is being represented in a genre influential to upcoming generations. For the foreseeable future we will be exploring more of what catches our fancy in terms of media representation (Netflix’s upcoming Sense8! Mad Max: Fury Road’s not-so-secret feminism!), as well as a shifting focus to the writing process and related influences (heavy on science fiction and fantasy).

In the coming weeks, I will be talking about Liking Problematic Things and maybe giving a tutorial on grant writing. Chebk will be posting on magical realism and her upcoming trip to Montana’s MisCon sci-fi convention.

That said, we’d love to know what you all are interested in reading on OKP. Got a suggestion? Let us know in the comments!


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