Book Fair Book Haul

This month, as we tackle our tbr piles (link for that post here), we decided to add to them by going to two book fairs in our areas. We have documented them for your viewing pleasure.

The first was the Manoa Book Fair, hosted by the Friends of Manoa Public Library.IMG_0891This was a glorious book fair with tons of books and no organization of which to speak. There were boxes upon boxes of books all for a dollar, but you needed epic browsing skills, of which I have none.


Still, we made our way through the rows of books, and in some cases braved the hoards and cavernous depths of under the tables.


We made out like bandits and took a lovely picture that we thought would look vaguely as though we live in paradise since we had no potatoes on hand. We also borrowed some books from the actual library.


We, after a hard day of browsing, decided to buy a whole cheese cake for your viewing pleasure. Please also note my awesome Batman shirt.


Next, it was and is Education week at the Hawaii State Capitol and many teachers and educators have been honored. In addition to this, one of the Representatives hosted a book fair.

IMAG0206…which opened late. Luckily, I got to see who the avid readers were, and talk about book fair strategies. The consensus among this group was to come early and often as books would be swapped out through the day.

IMAG0205This book fair was much better organized and books were separated by categories. There was no foraging under tables, but it was still fun and exciting to fight over books with co-workers.

IMAG0207All in all, I made out with a few finds:


So as we tackled our tbr piles, we added to them as well and supported our local public libraries as well.

What is your strategy at book fairs? Let us know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Book Fair Book Haul

  1. If I have the chance, I would look through at least 3 times. Once in the beginning of the book fair, once in the middle, and once toward the end, just to make sure I found everything I wanted to find. 🙂 Ya’ll definitely had a very good haul. Those hard back books look especially beautiful in the sunlight. lol. Also, the cheesecake looks sooo delicious! Happy reading. 🙂

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