Microfiction and TBR Pile Annihilation

Cheri and I have recently made a recommitment to finish our WIPs this year. This is a huge thing because we are both working on works of epic proportions. To help us tackle this and to get back into the swing of things, we have decided to enter a Microfiction contest on Scribophile.


The contest challenges us to create a work of 100-500 words with the idea of “foreigness.” We chose this contest in particular so that we can work on word choice. As we all know, I admire Cheri’s writing greatly and part of it is because of her amazing consistency with choosing the right word for the situation. I aspire to achieve something close to it one day and exercises like these will help me get closer to finding that for my own writing. It is also important to remember things like this when writing a long piece because I tend to get a little lackadaisical once pieces get longer.


We encourage all who might be interested to join us in this “Group-Sponsored Pidgeonholes Microfiction Contest” on Scribophile. Entries are due on March 16. We plan on showing you what we come up with at some point (in case anyone is interested) but we’d love to see what you all come up with!

We are also joining the CaffinatedBookReviewer and taking on our TBR or To Be Read piles on.

March 2015 Take Control of Your TBR Pile

As we all do, we buy books with every intent of reading them, but we never get around to reading it. Well this month, we are reading only books from our TBR piles.

Cheri’s pile(s)
Chebk’s pile

The rules for this are simple. Make a post, link up, then read the books. There are some stipulations like the books must’ve been published before March 2015 (but let’s be honest, if its in your TBR pile, it’s been there for awhile gathering dust). No novellas are allowed, only books. And we need to post reviews for books finished.

So, if you see more book reviews than normal from us, this is why. Yes, lovely readers, we are going to be doing this challenge in addition to our normal posts. Wish us luck and we hope you join in with us on this and annihilate your TBR piles as well!


8 thoughts on “Microfiction and TBR Pile Annihilation

  1. Already doing it. Reading Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor before moving on to King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence, Godslayer by Jacqueline Carey, The Milkman by Michael Martinek and the Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. Goal is crush this this month. Going to be a fun but challenging month.

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