Day Job Haiku

So, I’ve never been great with poetry. Something about the imagery has always escaped me until I found inspiration in my day job. I gravitated towards the lessons of IMPERMANENCE that was always emphasized in Haiku and this series of angsty poems just happened. I’m calling them:

Day Job Haiku


Sun rises early,

Today I do not follow.

Cell rings; call from boss.

The noon sun rises

Caffeine is downed with fervor

Half a day to go


Paper jam in tray,

Frantically call IT.

Empty tray and shame.


An afternoon nap

Nothing but a fleeting dream

We will rest when dead


Finally day’s end

With joy and exaltation

Yet tomorrow looms


It’s not that my day job is awful, but rather that I’m finding that it is stressful and cutting into my writing time. It’s a great way to stay busy and I’m finding it extremely challenging. The only problem is I am determined to finish my WIP this year and I’m finding it difficult to make time for things that I’d like, hence the poetry.

Cheri’s contribution:

Writer’s Haiku

Forehead on table

Blank document on the screen.

Writing is awesome.


We can all tell what her main focus is. Good job Cheri, keep on trucking.

We also wanted to mention that winners of our first giveaway will not be eligible for our present giveaway (just to give others a chance) but we would love to see them enter the next one!

Harry Potter night is on Thursday so make sure to celebrate with us! We’ll be on twitter so make sure to tag us @CheriChebk.


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