Another Giveaway! (Comment to Enter)

Happy February, readers! I’ve had a strange beginning to the month — lots of existential and spiraling feelings about Being an Adult, which you can conveniently read at my blog! — but those feelings are not allowed at OKPotato! And so, it’s going to be a goddamn great month!

Mostly because it’s my birthday later this month and that means…another giveaway! (That is our potato logic. Just go with it.)

birthdayWe will be giving away:

I’ll be reviewing Black’s book later this month and Chebk and I will be book-clubbing Salisbury’s because the premise is too great to pass up (she touches things and they die; that is all we needed to know).

Comment on this post with the title of which book you’d like to enter to win (or write “either” if you want to be surprised/receive what the other winner doesn’t choose). We will be using a random generator to pick two winners, who we will decide on and announce on FEB. 28, 2015.

giveawayBefore I go for today, all you diverse writers out there be sure to check out We Need Diverse Book’s call for short stories.  The story must feature diverse characters (PoC, Native Americans, LGBTQAI, disabilities, religious/cultural minorities) and be written by a diverse author. The deadline is April 27. Sounds awesome. (Let’s do this!)

It’s gonna be a good month, readers. I can feel it!


8 thoughts on “Another Giveaway! (Comment to Enter)

    1. Hey! To keep things fair, we’d like winners of the previous giveaway to not apply for the giveaway right after. You can enter the next one, though! Thank you for asking. P.S. We will be shipping your book this weekend~


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