Blog Month Is OVER!!

And to celebrate, we decided to have an OkPotato party with our friends.

IMG_2026This month has been a crazy ride for me in particular. I started a new job, kept up with the blog, and added a few thousand words to my story. Cheri and I even added to our writing group and are seriously looking at finishing our WIPs in the new year. All in all, the Ultimate Blogging Challenge was a great way to get us motivated about this blog and to force us into the discipline of blogging regularly.


We have learned that planning is great, but there is always a chance at burn out so look forward to us keeping to an actual schedule this time. We have big plans as Cheri mentioned last post.


Thankfully our Banana Bunch friends and potato families have been incredibly supportive and have encouraged us and helped us along the way (photos courtesy of artistic Hoshi).

IMG_2082So we thank all of you for sticking with us in that crazy January, and look forward to a Frenzied February!


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