Interviews with CHEBK

Greetings, readers! I have known Chebk lo these many years, but never have we had the opportunity to bond together (and write together) as we have in the past two years. Still, there are things we don’t know about one another, and things we want our readers to know about us as we continue on with OKPotato. Hearts in our eyes, readers. Rainbows and sunshine. (What.)

To follow-up on yesterday’s interview, I had the opportunity to talk to Chebk about reading, writing, and science fiction.

Cheri: So, what question do you not want me to ask you today?

Chebk: I don’t have any desire to make this easy for you.

Thus begins the interrogation. Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Nope. Never. There has never been a point in my life where I was like: Yeah, that’s a viable financial option for me to pursuit. Also, I have yet to finish something longer than 3k words so…there’s that.

3K still makes you a writer. What did you want to be as a kid?

Quite literally everything. I wanted to be a chef, a chemist, a lawyer; but yet I never wanted them enough to actually learn about it. I liked the idea of being things but never the actual work that would have to go into it.

Pictured here: Chebk in her natural state.

I understand that in my marrow. Has this influenced any of your characters or stories? What makes you continue doing the work to actually write, then?

Yeah, a lot of my characters are pretty clueless about what ‘real life’ entails until it hits them in the face like a slimy fish. I don’t know what makes me continue. Mostly my awesome mentor and co-blogger who pushes me to write the stories down (since I pretty much already know the stories, I just don’t write it out).

We appreciate your flattery.

Royal we?

Yes. Enlighten our readers: If you could transplant your consciousness into any living person on this planet, who would it be?

[turns on a light] (BOO.) Elon Musk. He is amazingness and has his fingers on so many pulses in the technological departments that I would want to see what he sees in the world. So many possibilities and so much potential for the future. He’s amazing.

Elon Musk.
I briefly considered potato-fying him.

So, what’s your thing with technology?

It represents possibilities and all things positive that humans do. Building upon knowledge that we have gained through time only to discover more and better ways of doing things. Do we all know exactly what electricity is? No, but we can use it in many different ways to move forward and discover the next big thing. I love it.

That’s an awesome answer. How did you discover science fiction? As a kid?

That’s a good question. I really seriously think my first real stab into sci-fi was purely because there was this girl that me and my best friend roomed with on a trip and she happened to have Ender’s Shadow out on a desk. I picked it up and read it and have read many more since.

I had no idea! Your science fiction beginnings are in…theft. Do you have any favorites that are not science fiction or fantasy?

No. Not really. Well, what would you consider sci-fi and fantasy? Like A Wrinkle in Time takes place in our world mostly. That was one of my favorites. All mythology is considered fantasy. There was a phase where I was really into some Middle East and Asian fiction like Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind and Shiva’s Fire by Suzanne Fisher Staples.

One should always accept any of Chebk’s recs.
They’re usually super awesome.

Your reading has always been diverse. One last question: For what would you like to be remembered?

For not being a burden upon others.

Why do you say that?

Most people are lost and forgotten to history within one generation. Stories are kept through only what bad things had been remembered. I would either like to be forgotten or at least not be remembered as a mistake or a burden.

Chebk is far deeper than I will ever be. Not pictured in this interview: Her deep love of puns, A Knight’s Tale, and her ability to think of a million ideas before I can even think of one. This has been part one of our interview series. We are hoping to talk to some local authors in the future and feature them on OKPotato!

As always, got any book/movie recs? Are you a sci-fi/fantasy/diverse story author who’d like to work with us or grant us an interview? Let us know in the comments!


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