Post in Pictures – How We Organize Our Book Shelves

(NOTE: Before we begin, we’d like to preface this post with a little disclaimer. OKPotato was created to discuss diversity in all media and the importance of media representation. While we have been focusing mainly on race and sexuality, another aspect of diversity that we have been neglecting is disabilities. Having recently viewed Mockingjay, which includes mute characters using American Sign Language (ASL), Cheri and I thought it might be nice to include representation of ASL. We are first-time learners so any mistakes we have made are our own — and we invite corrections and suggestions (I was particularly awkward and I apologize). We used this resource for our photography session because it includes short video demonstrations of words/phrases. We hope you enjoy!)

Hi All!
(Although we are backwards…)
-today we- sign
Today, we…
-are doing- sign
…are doing…
-blog post- collage
(a) B-L-O-G P-O-S-T
(Cheri’s beautiful handiwork, har har har)
-in pictures- sign
in pictures!

-to show- sign
to show
(With me doing nothing to stop the bug from crashing into my face and watching it fly away again.)
-we organize- sign
(how) we organize
-bookshelf- sign
(our) bookshelves!

Whew! (Also, notice our beautiful purple potato shirts?)

Chebk’s Organization:


As you can see, she is not very neat.

Cheri’s Organization:



Much neater.

Anyway, we enjoyed creating this post for you guys and don’t forget about our giveaway! (More info click HERE.) Here’s a bonus pictures of us potatoes in our natural habitat:


What do you do when you run out of bookshelves? Also, what’s your favorite book marks? Let us know in the comments and Cheri will be back tomorrow!


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