2014 into 2015 (Go, Go, OKPotato!)

It’s still New Year’s Eve here in the Islands, and Chebk and I are together while I panic about how to close out this past year on our blog. We’ve just barely started OKPotato (back in November) and it has, thus far, been an arduous and rewarding journey (much like any writing project we’ve undertaken.) Thanks to all our readers and kind visitors for your comments and views. We’re excited to ramp up into 2015 with more posts and more content.

For one thing, we are entering two challenges in January:

1. The Ultimate Blog Challenge: Despite GREAT TREPIDATION, Chebk and I will be posting EVERY DAY in January 2015 because we are ambitious in our masochism. For once Chebk has managed to wrangle me into planning ahead and I am ecstatic to report that we have a vaudeville-esque variety of topics lined up from new release YA books to interviews, writing analyses, and epic photo adventures.

2. Bout of Books: We’ll be incorporating this week-long read-a-thon into the above challenge. I will be taking on 3-5 books I’ve been meaning to read and Chebk will stare at me with sad, horrified eyes until the night before she decides. I will probably regret this public declaration next month.

 Bout of Books

And, our writing/reading/whatever resolutions for this year, you ask?

Cheri: FINISH NOVEL. Post more on personal blog.
Chebk: WRITE. (She said with conviction!)

We’ll keep this short and sweet since it’s so late. Happy New Year! We will see you again tomorrow for our first post of 2015!

Signing out for 2014. – Cheri & Chebk (OKPotato!)

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